Live and in person

Sunday @ 10:30 am
Wednesday @7 pm

dress code

There's is no dress code, just get dressed. Nothing too revealing, you can even were a mask(you know what we mean) if it makes you more comfortable, and come worship with us. We are typically not a suit and tie church, but sometimes we breakout the good stuff.

What Happens When I Arrive?

When you arrive, you will enter in to our main lobby where you’ll be greeted with a friendly smile from our greeters, maybe a air high 5 or two.. Once you’re in just grab a spot to sit, be prepared for someone to say hello, and get ready for the worship start. Before the music starts, there will be a 5-minute countdown so you can be sure to get into your best worship position. For some that’s at their seat, for others that’s coming to the front; we just want you to feel free to give God your best.

What's The Service like?

Our worship team will open with some uplifting Christ focused music, with the words projected on the screen so everyone can sing along. Once the music stops you will receive an inspirational, encouraging, and life changing message from the Word of God. 

what about my kids?

We’ve got you covered. Our Faith Kidz ministry provides an amazing weekend worship experience just for your, 5th grade and under, kids. We love the little ones, and understand the importance of a safe and fun environment for children to learn about Jesus. 

It’s really that simple. No need to be perfect or “get your life right” God will do it if you come to Him. 

So come broken, come hungry, come needing a change, come with everything a mess, just come.